A Year in Photographs

“This is the year I’ll shoot more often, and be bolder with my photography!”

And, of course, it never really lasts for long. Apart from certain events which absolutely kick me into photojournalism mode, like backpacking through Vietnam or the Wadi Rum, I still find myself shying away from photography, even when I need it the most. But, granted, there are times where I can’t stop the shutter from clicking, especially right after moving between cities or countries. Of course, curiosity plays a huge role in the willingness to frame your life through a camera lens; I’ve often found that my mood can be measured by how much (or how little) I want to shoot.

Porto is absolutely filled with life, all around.
February taught me the real definition of cold in Montreal.
And snowfalls through March…
Just by Kingston’s City Hall
A quick midnight hike to the top of Mont-Royal, early May.
A getaway to Seattle implies a mandatory Public Market Center photo.
As well as the Space Needle. Sadly, I didn’t see Frasier during my stay.
These two.
From Jacques-Cartier.
Often lost in many of the city’s little islands.
Mile End, Montreal
Re-igniting some much needed passion with street photography in Montreal.
A couple of personally very meaningful shots in Toronto.
Toronto was arguably… boring. Had to improvise by focusing on geometry.
Seriously, her craft 👌 this time, back in Montreal
Also one of my favourite Porto shots, this year.
It doesn’t get any more frozen than this. Quebec City, late December.



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Ricardo Magalhães

Ricardo Magalhães

I work for the Internet. By day, a front-end web developer with a passion for typography and design. By night, I’m sleeping.