A Japan Street Photo Essay

And Tokyo’s alleys at night are a delight.
I call this one the female inline Abbey Road.
One of my favourite pictures from the entire trip


Takayama, in the Japanese Alps region, is a tiny little town also known as little Kyoto. Apart from the morning market in the little alleys, there’s no overwhelming crowds, no hustle, no sense of urgency. This was a very welcoming departure from Tokyo; and it gave me a chance to finally engage with the locals. Takayama literally changed the way I approached and dealt with people for the rest of my trip.

Visually remove wires and signs, and this is Japan 300 years ago
Elderly foodies.


From little Kyoto, to big Kyoto.

The unmistakable green taxis
Kyoto is heaven for shadow play.
Nineizaka and Sanneizaka may be touristy, but very, very lovely.
Street life in Kyoto does not disappoint
My impromptu local guide that day. Magical things happen when you stay put for a little while.


Osaka was a quick stop–and an excuse for sidetrips. Running-wise, this is also where things went wrong: right after my run alongside the Yodo River (northbound), my body pretty much collapsed from exhaustion. Long story short, I was forced to bedrest for an entire day, and had to miss most of Osaka. Luckily, I still managed to walk around a little bit at night, where it shines the brightest. And it smells the loveliest, too.

Welcome to Osaka
Getaway to Nara. This was the cutest couple.


Coming back to Tokyo was everything, and more, that I could possible ever want and need. Extremely fatigued and sick, all I could do was meet people and get lost in the crowds. Luckily for me, I was staying in Asakusa, right in the middle of the Sanja Matsuri Festival.

The Shusse no Ishidan, Stairway of Success.
Tsukiji market.

So many more places

And photos, that I’d like to put up here. But maybe I’ll save those for a part II, I like the idea of having these as the highlights of street photography during those few weeks while I was taking breaks from all the running.



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