I’m not a data scientist, but I don’t like being mislead by numbers. Sometimes those lies are intentional, but very often they’re unintentional. Having all the data you need readily available doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the true picture of what that data means. It all depends, of course, on what you do with it.

Have you ever heard this classic statistics joke:

Bill Gates walks into a pub. Instantly, the average wealth of each person in the pub is 45 million dollars.

I’ve never been in a pub with Bill Gates, but I imagine everyone else would join in…

In May 2019, I set out to do a rather ambitious journey: running across Japan. Not really running across Japan, but rather, several segments of different cities, villages and mountains, while still taking public transportation from major city to major city.

Here’s the deal. Running and photography have historically fuelled my travels for as long as I can remember. It’s no wonder that while running, half of my 10 litre Salomon backpack was composed of camera gear, and the other half water. Put together, that was my survival kit.

These are a few of my favourite shots from the trip…

Every year, I find myself saying the same words all over again:

“This is the year I’ll shoot more often, and be bolder with my photography!”

And, of course, it never really lasts for long. Apart from certain events which absolutely kick me into photojournalism mode, like backpacking through Vietnam or the Wadi Rum, I still find myself shying away from photography, even when I need it the most. But, granted, there are times where I can’t stop the shutter from clicking, especially right after moving between cities or countries. …

Earlier in 2018, I spotted a random advertisement on Instagram which featured a cinemagraph. As the eternal amateur photographer, my mind immediately responded to this with a very loud and childlike “Oh, I want that!” A cinemagraph is essentially a motion still, of sorts, in which part of the picture is moving, but the rest isn’t. A surreal and impossible visual experience; yet not a montage. This was one of the first few I did this year:

I was happy for the rain, for once, as it made the scene.

And so I started reading online on how to do these animated stills, with as little friction as possible. What I didn’t see…

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about just how much impostor syndrome, paired with copious amounts of self-deprecating humour, have been hindering my ability to effectively grow both as a human being and as a software developer.

You’re probably already familiar with this kind of interaction:

“Hey, I heard you’re the go-to person on [X] subject! What do you think about [Y] for this project?”

—“Oh, no, me? I barely know what I’m doing, really! Here’s what I think about it […] but please, don’t take my word for it.”

It’s one thing to dismiss this as just being a…

It’s Saturday night, but it could very well be any other day of the week. It usually happens during the Summer, as the streets are always more crowded and bustling with life — ah, the life of others I know too well. Carrying my camera is my green card to go out into the heart of the city by myself, even on the nights it never ends up leaving the messenger bag. It acts as my hidden permission slip for solitude, on nights like these.

There’s a Murakami book in the messenger bag too, and two lenses I’m not very…

For as long as I’ve known this one very dear friend of mine, a friendship spanning for almost a decade now, I’ve been finishing most of our long conversations, often times in the form of a letter, with playful variations of three simple words:

“Be love, today.”

I think it’s easy for us to underestimate the essence of being love. For one, we might think this requires an otherworldly amount of effort, but being love should, in a perfect world, be effortless. …

São Bento station signage in Oporto, Portugal (own photo)

⚠️ Heads up! This article is heavy on images and if you scroll to the end, you’ll have consumed 11mb in data. You may want to save it for later if you’re on a strict mobile phone data plan.

Few things are more fascinating than cities. Having lived in a few different countries around the world by now (🇵🇹🇬🇧🇩🇪🇨🇦) , I’m constantly thinking about how one city feels different than the previous: the little details that made London feel like London; what made Berlin feel like Berlin. …

Unlike most trends in the world of JavaScript, data immutability is bound to stick with us for a while, and for good reason: firstly, because it’s not a trend: it’s a way of coding (and thinking in code) that promotes clarity, ease of use and understanding data flow, and makes code less prone to errors.

But while newer flavours of the JS language gives us a more robust toolset to work with than ever before, without the use of libraries like Immutable.js, things can still look a little bit scary when you put it all together. Getting comfortable with reading and writing the most common use cases is very helpful.

In this short post, we’ll look at pure JS ways (with ES2015++, and yes, I may have just invented this notation) to, add, remove, and update deeply nested properties in Objects, Arrays, and finding common patterns to reproduce these operations.

Playground: Direct link to the…

Photo by the author

Lately I’ve found myself coming back to a thought from Olivia Laing, which you can find in her immensely beautiful and emotion-stirring book The Lonely City. The striking power of this thought comes, and like the best ones always do, from the lingering replicas it leaves behind once you let it sit for a while:

“Sometimes, all you need is permission to feel. Sometimes what causes the most pain is actually the attempt to resist feeling, or the same that grows like thorns around it.”

Let it be known that I don’t keep post-its of inspirational quotes on walls or…

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